PSA Industrial Oxygen Generator for Pharmaceutical Applications

Application of PSA Industrial Oxygen Generator in the Pharmaceutical Industry

        In the pharmaceutical industry, oxygen plays a critical role in various processes, including fermentation, oxidation, and purification. The traditional method of obtaining oxygen involved the use of liquid oxygen cylinders or compressed gas tanks, which can be expensive and pose safety hazards. However, with the advent of Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology, industrial oxygen generators have become a popular choice for producing high purity oxygen on-site. 


Oxygen is essential for aerobic fermentation, which is a crucial process in the production of antibiotics, enzymes, and other pharmaceutical products. PSA industrial oxygen generators provide a reliable source of oxygen for fermentation processes, ensuring high yields and product quality.


Many pharmaceutical products require oxidation reactions, which require the use of oxygen. PSA industrial oxygen generators provide a consistent and reliable source of high purity oxygen for oxidation reactions, resulting in high-quality products.


Oxygen is used in various purification processes, such as the removal of impurities from drug substances. PSA industrial oxygen generators provide a high purity source of oxygen for these purification processes, ensuring product quality and consistency.


Many processes in the pharmaceutical industry require a cleanroom environment to prevent the influence of microorganisms and other contaminants. Cleanrooms often require high-purity gases for atmosphere control, such as controlling humidity and oxygen levels. PSA industrial oxygen generators can provide high-purity oxygen and other gases to maintain control conditions in cleanrooms. At the same time, on-site production of these gases also reduces transportation, storage, and leasing costs and reduces safety risks.

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